Sum Of Her is MY blog.

All opinions and views expressed, represent my own and belong to me and do not represent those of the people or organisations that I may or may not be associated with; professional or personally unless explicitly stated. Any of the views or opinions expressed are not meant to degrade or slander anyone, religion, company or organisation.

This blog serves as an outlet; a no holds barred approach from the heart of an emotionalist. It is merely a glimpse of the trials, tribulations, lessons, views and opinions that I have on life.

I am by no means a professional, my opinions are just that; mine, I don’t expect anyone to take my words or advice in an attempt to apply them to their own life.

I am just an emotionalist who is writing what I see and feel from the heart. As the clouds manipulate into different shapes and a new day dawns, so does my thoughts and opinions. With knowledge being free and the mind being the most powerful tool we have, I humbly reserve the right to express my feelings, views and opinions and any gained knowledge and understanding of the topics I write about. As I mature and grow so will my views and opinions.

FYI: I’m no lawyer or expert, so this and my posts may not be written perfectly, but then again what is perfect. There are probably some points that I’ve forgotten, so I apologise in advance.

What do you think?

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