“My writing, my blog is an expression of who I am, what I have endured, what I have overcome, what I love, and what inspires me… it is an extension of who I am”

But you can call me Mesha.

Hey, I’m Hymesha (Hi-Meesha), a 30-something emotionally driven, fallible, opinionated real-life blogger born and raised on the small (21 square miles small) island of Bermuda, living in the UK.

So, you have discovered my corner of the World Wide Web where I am dedicated to bringing open, soul-bearing, unapologetic, truth-spitting content to the world. Whether I am talking about what I have learned about friends, my thoughts on love and lust, or sharing the truth about my life, mistakes and/or battles, the conversations/posts will always be real, because life is too short to pretend to have it all figured out.

They say emotional like it is a bad thing – it is just who I am.

Opinionated & emotionally driven is just a small part of who I am. I am an emotional, Sunday movie watching, crying during comedies, wears my heart on my sleeve kind of girl. I make mistakes (that’s putting it lightly, I have fucked up), I have good and bad days, and I am fallible just like you. I strive every day to be a better version of myself and to love and accept me for who I am.

So, What Is Sum Of Her All About?!

Sum Of Her serves as a no holds barred, not so private diary—tales from the heart documenting my journey.

I started Sum Of Her as a way to work through my emotions; one word, one post at a time towards a better tomorrow while learning to live for me, because living life based on other people’s opinion is slavery.

Love. Laughter. Mistakes. Pain. Lessons. Truth. Purpose. Life. Everything that makes us human.

A Blog can tell you a lot about a person, including mine. This blog is my creative outlet and my very own corner of the WWW. Here I intend to share my tales and truths, thoughts, and of course my views on life, love + everything in between. It is filled with emotionally written posts of my opinions, life experiences, and maybe a few random musings here and there. Filled with truths, laughter, pain, and love—an up close and personal view of the diary/thoughts of an emotionally driven woman.

By writing this blog, I hope to provide others who are on their own journey and those who want to know that they are not alone, I want to show them that it is normal to have flaws and that it is OK not to be OK. We all have down days, and it is those days were we develop strength. At the age of *coughs* 30-something, I have certainly had my share of ups and downs, (but then again who hasn’t).

I started blogging over five years ago, but shit happened, life happened, and my writing faded, and life went on with or without my writing. I have been in love with writing ever since I realised that my journal would never judge me. I am learning to have a whole new outlook on life, and I am on a mission to live my life regardless of my past mistakes, flaws and the opinions of others.

I have spent most of my life if not all of my life window shopping, looking in through the glass at a world I desperately wanted to be a part of but felt like I would never fit in.

At some point in our lives, we all reach that moment when we realise the changes that we need and or want to make to be a better version of ourselves. I guess you can say that I have reached that point. Moment of honesty: I have been here many times before, but at some point, we have to get tired of self-diagnosing ourselves as insane, for doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.

Sum Of Her is my story, my thoughts, my emotions, my opinions and everything else in between. It is a no holds barred diary detailing life as I view it; it is my journey.

From love to hate, friends to acquaintances, smiles to tears, join me on this journey as I take one word at a time towards a better tomorrow.

This is my journey.