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“Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it can. And just when you think it can’t get any better, it can.” 

― Nicholas Sparks

There are lessons to be learned and knowledge to be gained in everything we encounter.

In just about every episode of The Cleveland Show, Cleveland has some battle to overcome; something is always going wrong. No matter what the situation is, he remains optimistic and doesn’t treat it as if it is life or death. Yes, I know that when applying the same concept to real life it may be a little bit harder, but I still think it is very much possible. Life is too short to be taken so seriously all the time.

Things are going to happen in life; good and bad. Lives will fall apart but can be rebuilt. Emotions will run wild and high, and hearts will be broken and mended. These things and more are what we will experience in the game of life. They are all a part of living. Life wasn’t promised to be smooth sailing. We will endure rough seas and strong winds, but we need to adjust our sail and smile because there is an alternative option for us to make it through.

I know sometimes it is easier said than done. Shit, who am I kidding? MOST times it is easier said than done, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. No life will be lived without enduring hard times; lives will fall apart at least once, and that is ok. Sometimes we need that hurricane to shatter us a bit to highlight our weak spots so that we can truly build a structure that can withstand the next storm or hurricane headed our way.

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. ~ Henry Ford

Working hard to achieve our goals or striving to be better isn’t necessarily bad. However, when we strive for goals that are developed based on society’s standards and not our own and or try to be better than the next person when we should only compete with ourselves, this is when we end up missing out on all of the great things life has to offer.

In this game of life, it doesn’t matter what hand you are dealt with or how many points or money you earn. It is about how you play the game and if you learn the lessons that come along the way. Ultimately it is about what you do with the knowledge and experience gained. We can be pessimistic and take everything seriously but where does that leave you, what has this done for you, if anything?

Cleveland doesn’t have it ALL, but who does? He isn’t the perfect husband, friend, father or brother-in-law. He is flawed and fallible just like you and me, but none of this causes him to change who he is.

As humans, it’s within our nature to point out the characteristics that we don’t want within ourselves. As we go through life, we see more and more of the things we don’t want to become but if we don’t change our way of thinking we become the master of the very thing we hate. It is the law of attraction. Ever notice how people say “I don’t want to be like so and so, or I want to be just like them when I grow up”? They put all their energy into that thought, and most times they get what they asked for because they were passionate about that thought and the law of attraction gave them just that, whether it was what they wanted or not.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right. ~ Henry Ford

We need to take a page or scene from The Cleveland Show. Sure, there is going to be a time and place when we need to be serious, but we need to learn how to deal with life when it gets a little windy. A joke or two in between isn’t going to kill us. A little positivity and optimism will go a long way. It will rain, but after the rain, the sun will shine brightly. Storms are expected, but they don’t last forever.

What do you think?

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  • Natalie
    August 22, 2018

    I agree, sometimes we have to laugh and not take ourselves too seriously. My motto is fall out and cry first then I get it together. Perhaps, I need to change this.

  • Nikki
    August 22, 2018

    What you said about living up to societies standards and keeping up with others causing us to miss out on life is so true! I’m working super hard on only worrying about myself and reaching my goals so that I am not stuck in comparison mode with others.

  • Dae
    August 22, 2018

    Oh my gosh! This whole post just screams positivity in a brand new way. When talking about the laws of attraction or even when I need some motivation, I pull out The Secret written by Rhonda Byrne. It helps put life into perspective.

    • hymeshadiana
      September 5, 2018

      Hey Love,

      Thank you so much. I LOVE her book and I am re-watching the movie since it is on Netflix. Life is filled with so many negatives and it is REALLY easy, too easy to find negatives in every situation. Sometimes we need to look at it from a different perspective.

  • Olivia
    August 22, 2018

    I watched the Cleveland show when it was on and I was actually disappointed when I heard they canceled it. I thought it was a good show and it definitely made me laugh. This is a really interesting take on it though I never thought about. You’re right! Cleveland does usually maintain a positive outlook on life *despite* the craziness that goes on. Things hardly ever go right for him, and he still just rolls with the punches. Definitely, something we can all learn from!

    • hymeshadiana
      September 5, 2018

      Hi Love,

      Thank you for your comment. This show always gives me a good laugh and something positive to take away.

  • Aliya
    August 23, 2018

    I agree completely, we don’t always have to take stuff so seriously. Sometimes we just need to remember to laugh and enjoy the little things. You gave me a new outlook on this show maybe I should sit down and watch it more. Thanks for sharing.

    • hymeshadiana
      September 5, 2018

      Hi Love,

      Thank you for your comment. I am actually trying to take something positive out of every situation. It isn’t easy but there is no harm in me trying either.