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Welcome to the No Holds Barred The Podcast. **update: now changed to Sum Of Her The Podcast**

I am so excited about launching my podcast after months of procrastination. Here, I (Hymesha, your host) will be bringing you episodes about Love, Laughter, Mistakes, Pain, Lessons, Truth, Purpose and Life; basically, everything that makes us human.

Stay tuned for the no bullshit, no sugar coating, all limitations removed talks.

From love to hate, friends to acquaintances, smiles to tears, join me on this journey as I take it one episode at a time, no holds barred.


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Instagram: @sumofherofficial

Music Intro: @brixxbda @chinyerenwasike @whoisyourproducer (Instagram)

Music Background: @brixxbda

Welcome to the #SumOfHerThePodcast.


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