Sometimes, we need a moment to bare it all, let go, confess and rant. Unfortunately, we have all been bitten once, and therefore, usually, bottle things up. The problem with this is that while your confession is safe with you, at some point, your cup will spill over; the only question is, when?

Here, you can confess freely and anonymously (unless you want it to be known, if so, then sign your name).

Please be advised that all confessions will be posted on the Sum Of Her, The Confessions Facebook Group; this will result in comments. However, these will be monitored, and the removal of any inappropriate comment(s) will be removed. Occasionally, confessions may be discussed in a post on here, or on the Sum Of Her Podcast.

Confess/Rant and be free.

I want to ensure that everyone is 100% comfortable when they submit their confession. I also understand that some people just want to confess without anyone commenting or providing their opinion.