This week SOH discusses owning who you are. Unapologetically Own Who You Are. People will judge, gossip, dislike and hate you because of assumptions, misconceptions and the opinions formed without any facts. Sh*t, people will dislike you for the mere fact that you have a f*cking pulse.

Tune in to Episode 4 to hear my no-holds-barred discussion on owning who you are. #SumOfHerThePodcast is an honest, real-life podcast by one woman is willing to talk about any and everything. From family and friends, relationships and situationships to everyday life experiences; you can expect unadulterated, no bullshit discussions with no-holds-barred.

Hosted By: Hymesha Diana


Sum Of Her now has a Facebook Group where members (or non-members)can anonymously submit confessions (even I do not get any user information). We live in a world where being who we are and baring it all can be tough, and let’s face it, we all have secrets that are weighing us down. You can submit your confession via the link below.


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