We all have an opinion, remark, comment, whatever you want to refer to it as, we all have something to say. Unfortunately, engaging in constructive conversations is not always possible due to being open and expressing yourself and the immediate activation of defence mode.

Sum Of Her, The Confessions is a place for us to bare it all, confess, rant and comment and offer advice and encouraging words to those who have confessed.

Here, you can comment freely and anonymously (unless you want it to be known, if so, then sign your name or go directly to the Facebook Group).

Please be advised that all comments will be posted on the Sum Of Her, The Confessions Facebook Group; this will result in comments. However, these will be monitored, and any inappropriate comment(s) will be removed. Occasionally, confessions and comments may be discussed in a post on here, or on the Sum Of Her Podcast.

Anonymously confess/rant, support, advise, discuss and be free.

* Every confession has a number, please ensure that you provide the correct number.
Please confirm if you a commenter OR the original confessor wanting to provide additional information or respond.
Please no names unless you want to be known. Any comment that does not adhere to the rules of the Facebook Group may not be posted.